Chlorine taste and smell. Chlorine is a very common, naturally occurring chemical element manufactured from sodium chloride. It is widely used for everything from creating household bleach to manufacturing computer chips to disinfection of swimming pools. Most water utility companies add chlorine gas to raw water to kill bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to prevent waterborne diseases within the water municipality distribution, however, once it reaches your home is not necessary.

While chlorine its necessary for safe water, it causes many problems. Chlorine has an unpleasant taste and smell. It dries hair and skin, fades clothes, and dries out the rubber seals of your home appliances increasing repairs costs and shortening their lives. Chlorine also forms small amounts of trihalogenated methane compounds (THMs), which are a recognized health hazard concern as carcinogenic materials.

Fortunately, chlorine is not difficult to remove from water.

In order to accurately determine what system is best for you, you will need an evaluation of your water.

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