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An unpleasant smell coming from drinking water is normally the sign of possibly bigger issues brewing in the tap or pipes. Often this smell does not indicate the presence of a harmful contaminant. Furthermore, it could indicate that the drinking water is not the cleanest and should be evaluated to bring it back to its unpolluted state.

By the time drinking water has left the treatment plant and arrives at your tap, numerous possible pollutants could have compromised it along the way. Sometimes water may taste metallic or smell like chlorine or rotten eggs.

Several things can give tap water bad taste and unpleasant odors.  Chemicals used to treat your drinking water could be one, or environmental contaminants and/or even concentrations of metal that have been rotted off in old plumbing pipes.

Within the culprits behind bad tasting and smelly drinking water is Hydrogen Sulfide, which produces a rotten egg smell. Dissolved solids which cause a moldy. Earthy wood smell, chlorine used in the municipal water treatment plant. Metallic tastes and smells from mercury, lead, arsenic, and iron seeping into the water supply.

In order to accurately determine what system is best for you, you will need an evaluation of your water.

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