What is Hard Water? Rainwater is naturally softened water. But as it trickles through thick layers of earth, it dissolves calcium minerals that make the water ‘hard’.

These hardness minerals react with natural products such as tea and soap – and even the natural oils that moisturize our skin – preventing us from enjoying their full benefit and leaving behind a nasty scum residue. And wherever hard water evaporates – in pots and water heaters or on shower screens and taps – it deposits rock hard limescale, when you have running softened water in your home these problems are eliminated.

Texas has one of the hardest water in the country, with an overwhelming 15 to 20 gpg (grains per gallon).




Hard water problems are the main cause of early failure for washing machines, boilers, showers, faucets, pots, taps and most water using appliances. Seals and washers calcify and start to leak. While heating elements become smothered in scale. So that new water heaters suffer a dramatic decline in energy efficiency in just a few months.

Softened water prevents all of these problems. And with soft water, new bathrooms and kitchens keep their shiny new look for so much longer. Because there is no need to scrub off scale or to attack surfaces with aggressive scale-dissolving chemicals.

With softened water, there is no more scale and it even gently removes the existing limescale.



Once you have showered in softened water, it is the inexpensive luxury that you won’t live without.

Because softened water is naturally gentle like rain, protecting the natural oils that leave your skin and hair silky-smooth. Bringing dramatic improvement to many dry skin and eczema sufferers. As well as protecting your fabrics, leaving laundry soft, fluffy and bright.

Pamper yourself by bathing or showering in soft water. Your home spa will become the perfect way to unwind after a hard day.


Having softened water in your home will mean that kitchen and bathroom surfaces just wipe clean. No more scrubbing away at limescale. No more descaling shower heads. And far fewer irritating plumbing and appliance repairs to soak up your time.

You can also expect cash savings as water-using appliances will last longer and run better. Why? because water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers using hard water can wear out 30% faster, and your shopping will be lighter using 75% less detergents and soaps

Fortunately, hard water is not difficult to remove from water.

An assessment of your water supply hardness will need to be performed to accurately size s system that best fits your water supply.

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